Since the Doberman dog are a Smart dog breed, We do our best to ensure that all our dogs receive excellent care! We would like to limit outside traffic to our kennels as much as we can to help minimize the potential of someone unintentionally tracking in diseases (like parvo, giardia, etc). Generally, yes! I have heard countless stories about how one of our Puppy Owners had their mind on one puppy going in to visit, but another plopped right into their lap and they knew that was the one! We understand how important it is to visit the puppies before you meet them. We require a deposit to be made before going and choosing a puppy. This deposit is nonrefundable but 100% transferable to any available puppy.

Yes , We ship our puppies safely through out the USA, and Sometimes to Canada. We partner with professional Animal Freight specialised Companies. Sometimes people don’t feel conformable having their puppies shipped but the delivery agents always ensure their safety and sometimes they even offer options to travel with your pet if it is needed. Contact Us for more details on shipping.

They come with all their necessary documents

  • 1 year health Guarantee
  • Rabies weaver
  • All their vet records, shots and vaccines 
  • A bill of sales contract

ALL our puppies have a 1 year Guarantee against any health defects .

We will provide a money back guarantee within 72 hours of possession, if you are not satisfied with your puppy, providing he/she is returned to our home at the expense of the buyer. We make every effort to ensure that you purchase a healthy puppy. If your puppy is found to have major genetic health issues that are diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within one year of purchase, we will exchange your puppy for one of equal value. There are however no guarantees against common sicknesses or accidents on your part. We encourage you to take your dog to the veterinarian; but any and all costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  

If something should happen to your puppy when you have a deposit placed on it, we would let you pick another available puppy or you can use it to reserve a future puppy on an upcoming litter. Otherwise, you would simply have your deposit refunded. If however, you default or cancel and never pick up your puppy, your deposit will then be used to help locate a new home for the puppy. (We do our best to contact you numerous times as well as give a two week grace period of not hearing from you before we conclude that you have abandoned your puppy. If we do not hear back from you for two weeks, we will make the puppy available again for reservation so it can find its new home.) We try our best to be fair and make allowances or give refunds for circumstances beyond your control.

Yes, visit our available puppies page to see all our available puppies ready for their new homes.

Yes, Golden Retriever are perfectly good with kids and other animals. The Golden Retriever loves attachment and are very playful. They have a great temperament and go perfectly with kids and other animals

Golden Retriever Puppies are smart, Intelligent and are great family pets. They love to play games of fetch just as much as they enjoy a cuddle on the sofa.